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Protection of Creator Endowed Rights

We the undersigned emphatically direct those entrusted by the People to maintain the standard of liberty promised by the U.S. Constitution to understand that its ultimate purpose is to protect our inalienable Creator endowed rights. We recognize that the high standard won through raging war and bitter struggles to ensure equality in the eyes of the law is compromised by mistaken government actions to divide the People into categories that have no practical significance in the pursuit and practice of good government. We charge our representatives to correct those actions by removing references to skin color and ethnic heritage from any public document empowered with the force of law.

To achieve this promised more perfect Union we emphatically direct that Congress, through the process of lawmaking, or the President through powers bestowed on that high office:

    End all iterations of Directive 15 (versions 1977, 1997, and 2024), and the abhorrent practice of reducing individuals to artificially constructed groups and classifying them according to self-perpetuating policy directives based on data generation, as well as further prevent the creation and the politically expedient protection of those groups based on skin color or ethnic heritage in the future.
    End the Federal Register as an instrument to establish and maintain statutes prioritizing skin color and ethnic heritage as a qualification for employment, housing, transportation, cash payments, or special status.
    Promote a national American identity by discouraging all qualifiers in official public discourse along with inane labels such as ‘minority’ or ‘people of color’ which serve only to divide. Henceforth, officially identify Americans simply as such: Americans.

Our signatures carry full endorsement of these directives:

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